Latest news: A citizen will be able to claim damages and compensation for an undoubtedly unfair allegation or accusation.

The draft of the relevant amendment to the Code of Criminal Procedure was adopted by the Senate on February 19, 2021. Now it will go to the Sejm.

The draft provides for the introduction of a new institution – compensation and compensation for damage and harm resulting from undoubtedly wrongful accusations or charges. Thus, a citizen could claim compensation or redress from the state not only for wrongful detention, arrest or conviction. Everyone has the right to compensation for any damage caused to him by the unlawful action of a public authority. The act may not close the court of seeking violated freedoms or rights, ”says Art. 77 of the Constitution. A person who is charged or indicted, even if not deprived of his liberty, often suffers severe losses. They may, for example, involve the loss of clients or the loss of social trust necessary to perform a function or practice a profession.